Strategic Vision

The combination of a solid track record and unique position in the industry provides us with significant competitive advantages in the pursuit of becoming leaders of the Brazilian logistics market.

Coupling comprehensive operations, great scale and professional management, the company strives to be positioned as an outstanding player in the industry. We provide services in the Inbound, Outbound, Distribution and Parcel (consolidated and break-bulk freight carriage) segments.

Dedicated services (DCC) encompass contracts for specific projects and operations, focusing on the individual needs of our clients. These are long-term contracts determining the use of assets in accordance with the client’s freight carriage needs. The contracts are asset-intensive, resulting in foreseeable recurring revenue for an extended period.

TM operations, which cover general freight businesses in the FTL – Full Truck Load and LTL – Less than Truck Load modalities, are inherently different from dedicated operations. Contracts have a shorter duration, and the operation is not as asset-intensive. This type of contract allows us to grow fast and increase revenue with lower invested capital.

The ability to provide these two types of service, in conjunction with a fully professional management and the adoption of excellent Corporate Governance standards, helps us stand out in the industry against companies that focus on a single operation model or specialize in specific industries.

We have a tradition of providing DCC services, which have been in the Company’s portfolio since inception. On the other hand, throughout our history we worked to strengthen our TM operations, achieving a milestone with the acquisition of Transeich in 2018, which consolidated the Company’s comprehensive presence in the general freight segment. The fact that our DCC and TM operations are complementary allows us to both capture fast growth in short-term contracts and experience the security of long-term contracts, with consistent foreseeable revenue.

Another key strategic pillar of the Company is offering excellent service levels that exceed the industry average. We draw on our experience, structure and expertise to provide our clients with the best delivery levels for their demands. The use of technology is also paramount for the Company to oversee internal controls and provide the best solutions for the logistics market.

As a long-term strategy and in line with our goals to reach annual revenue of R$1 billion by 2022, we continue to strengthen our comprehensive operation, focusing on organic growth and seeking to acquire companies that can complement our portfolio, drawing on a fragmented market with little professionalization and always pursuing the best return for shareholders.

As such, with an efficient mix of diverse operations and organic and inorganic growth, BBM has consolidated itself as an investment vehicle with high potential for value creation.