Transportation Management or TM: Road transportation operations for general and break-bulk freight.

DCC: Dedicated Contract Carriage, meaning specific solutions for each client’s needs, with dedicated equipment and teams providing a custom and optimized transportation system.

FTL – Full Truck Load: Operations involving large freight volumes that require faster delivery or receipt. It consists in contracting a dedicated truck to transport goods for a single client.

LTL – Less than Truck Load: Small freight operations where a single vehicle transports goods from more than one client, maximizing occupancy.

Inbound: Collecting raw materials and transporting them to industrial plants.

Outbound: Collecting products from plants and transporting them to distribution centers or end customers.

M&A: Mergers and Acquisitions

DCC F&A: Dedicated contract carriage for clients in the Forestry & Agriculture industry

DCC Industry: Dedicated contract carriage for industrial clients.