BBM operates in the road logistics industry. This is a key industry for the carriage of goods in Brazil, with road transportation accounting for approximately 63% of all cargo transportation activity in the country, making it the most important modality for product shipments as shown in the comparison chart below:

Brazil’s road logistics industry comprises over 150,000 companies with approximately 1.2 million vehicles, in addition to independent carriers and cooperatives that amount to more than 688,000 companies and 1.9 million vehicles. A little over 100 of these companies own more than 100 trucks.

Given the importance of this modality, total addressable market is estimated at over R$120 billion per year.

As indicated by the data above, this is an extremely fragmented industry with no major group or company concentrating market share.

BBM strives to keep growing, supported by its strategic pillars and drawing on the market’s fragmentation to make progress in acquisition processes, in addition to offering excellent service, expertise and execution.